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The Learys

Shaun, Megan, Cooper & Dawson

We are the Leary family.  Locally raised folks with small town memories.  Simple story really: boy meets an amazing woman whom he can't live without.  They eventually wed and have two wild animals who don't understand the concept of punctuality, cleanliness, organization, or quiet.


Joining the parenthood club was a big transition.  "Have kids" they said..."it'll be fun".  He he.  Well, 'they' failed to mention how isolating parenthood can be.  


For years we've been waiting for a place to open that catered to families.  Room for the kids to roam and an ambiance that is inviting to grown ups.  A place to hang with other people in a similar stage of life.  However, this unicorn of a place never arrived. 


So, the Leary family is going to create it.  It's a family endeavor and every nook, cranny, and concept will have been inspired by Cooper and Dawson.  They are the spark that fueled this journey and whether it flops or flies we want to show them that dreams can become a reality with hard work and imagination.

The ClubHouse...our 3rd born.

It was through the rearing of our boys that the concept of The ClubHouse was conceived.  Raising children, for many, means giving up luxuries like sitting down to a warm meal and being able to hold an actual conversation without interruption.  Clean windows, owning nice things, and a good night's sleep are a thing of the past.  And, so was going out for a simple meeting.

Megan has been a full time Realtor since 2013 and occasionally meets clients for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.  Oftentimes one child will tag along.  It was through this working mom scenario that we quickly discovered how our Coeur d' Alene area severely lacked an establishment that was both kid friendly AND adult friendly.  We have many kid options such as jump house and jungle gym places and we also have a plethora of coffee shops and restaurants, but NONE of them are designed for a wide range of ages and interests. 


Have you ever changed a dirty diaper on the floor of a cafe bathroom?  Have you ever shoved your face with a meal because your active child doesn't sit still in a chair at a restaurant?  Are you super selective of which businesses to frequent because your minions may be too loud or too messy or break everything they breath on?  Mmmhmmmm.  We get it.  And where can you take the tweens/teens that is entertaining and not focused on screen time?

Let's take it a step further.  In our Pacific Northwest region, where do you get out of the house during the 6 months of winter and darkness? Where do you go to try and meet new people or play together as a family?  Options are extremely limited, especially when you factor in proximity to home, cost, cleanliness, noise level, and so on.

The ClubHouse is here to fill a need.  

Play.  Interact.  Connect.  Community.

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